the Passover rituals are deeply felt in southern Italy , and each city has different way to celebrate it.
“Sepulchres “ ,altars where the Eucharist is “filed” until the celebration of Resurrection, are very typical in this period.
Each church is decorated with flowers, lights, candles and shoots. Very suggestive places to be!
“The Meeting” is one of a kind, held on Friday morning in the central square Vittorio Emanuele, after procession of Our Lady of Sorrows in search of her Son, Christ the Bearer of the Cross. The two statues
simulate the last kiss.
In the afternoon it’s held the procession of the Mysteries, such as the Dead Christ lying in a glass case surrounded by countless candles. The procession deserves Special attention. The statue are brought in the church of St. Matthew, in the heart of the historic center, with the lights off; The faithful are carrying the statue with an undulating way and the sound of a funeral march, these moments are very suggestive.